Palki 06 : পালকি ৬

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‘The Portrait’ by Aniruddha Sen
‘Buro’ by Ankan Basu
‘Abirata Chenamukh’ by Aroop Chaudhury
‘A Tale Of The Sea’ by Barnali Saha (Banerjee)
‘In Anticipation’ by Nabarun Moitra
‘Tomorrows Are Full Of Promises’ by Prabir Ghose
‘How Do I Love Thee’ by Sangita Kalarickal
‘Double-crossed’ by Subhobroto Mazumder
‘Atha’ by Subrata Mazumder
‘Niyoti’ by Uddipan Mukherjee
‘Work-From-Home As Career Option’ by Soumyasree Chakraborty (Mukherjee)
‘Inside Bandhavgarh, Land Of The Tiger’ by Avik De


Poems by Ankan Basu
‘I Hope’ by Barnali Saha (Banerjee)
‘26/11’ by Barun Das
Poems by Gargi Mandal-Mukherjee
Poems by Indranil Bakshi
Poems by Kausik Datta
Poems by Mayuri Bhattacharyya
‘Patar Apekkhay Je Babui’ by Pragga Moushumi
‘Upay Thake Na’ by Rana Bhattacharya
‘Sukh’ by Roddur
Poems by Sauranshu Sinha
‘Kichu Nirvejal Byartho Premer Kobita’ by Someswar Chakravorty
‘Krishna Cottage’ by Somnath Roy
Poems by Soutik Singha
‘To Tell You The Truth’ by Sudakshina Mukherjee

Crossword by Sukti Dutta


artcover-smallArt & Photography

Potpourri of Paintings by Barnali Saha (Banerjee)
Lithographs by Debangana Banerjee
Pencil Sketches by Shibajyoti Ghosh Dastider
Vignettes from Tulin by Aroop Chaudhury
Snippets from Sojourns by Avik De
Snippets from Life by Braja Dulal Ghosh
Snippets from Life by Kamakshi Sachidanandam
Vignettes of a dawn by Nandini Banerjee
‘Singha Family Puja Celebration’ by Soutik Singha
‘Naba Anande Jago’ by Kaustubh Adhikari



Recipes by Ana Grau de la Herran
Recipes by Kaberi Chatterjee
Recipes by Krishna Biswas
‘Raisin Bundt Cake’ by Ozlem Mesta
‘Tomato Egg Drop Soup’ by Soumyasree Chakraborty (Mukherjee)
Recipes by Sujata Chaudhury



‘Anahuto Ashariri’ by Shrabanti Basu
‘Chelebela’ by Babusona
‘Melar Moja’ by Buppaibabu
‘Everything about Home City’ by Soham Singha
Crossword by Sukti Dutta


Audio Section

‘Ami Sei Meye’ by Dhrubamitra Chatterjee
Recitations by Madhurima Chakraborty
Songs by Shrabanti Basu



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  1. Palki wishes a very Happy Valentines Day to our Readers and Contributors and Friends. Please let us know for any errors that we may have in this edition. Hope you will all love this ride.

    Ankan Basu.

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