Interview of artist Dithi Chakrobortty by Barnali Saha

Interview of artist Dithi Chakrobortty by Barnali Saha

11 thoughts on “Interview of artist Dithi Chakrobortty by Barnali Saha

  1. dithi tomar moton akta sundor sponteneous meyer sathe amar alap ami sabsomoi cheerish kori… tomar jonmodin er jonnye roilo subhokamona….tumi anek boro maper shilpi hoye otho …..atai prathona kori. tomar mon ja chai ta tumi korte parcho ar tai jano sarajibon paro to follow ur dreams and tell a tale through ur paintings….(ja mon chai)

  2. Thank you Barnali, Kausik and the team of Palki for this lovely birthday gift, you made me so happy. Best wishes to your magazine for the future from a very fortunate and grateful artist. Cheers and Dhonyobaad!

  3. It was a wonderful surprise to read dithi’s interview in Palki magazine.It is a recognition of her talent.The magazine has showcased some of her best works.

  4. Dithi is such a versatile artist ar tar sathe she is a wonderful woman, she is an inspiration for self-representing artists. The fact that we all are endowed with some talent is gladly evinced by Dithi’s unique artistic prowess.I hope she continues inspiring all her admirers and continues creating artistic airwaves in future.

  5. It was so encouraging when she says that she never went to a formal art school. Dithi apnar anka guli apoorbo, I wish I can paint like you someday :). Thanks to Barnali too for the interview

  6. My family and friends have already enjoyed the interview and the website with all its content that is ‘Palki’, I got to make some new friends here too. Thank you Shraddha, Madhurima and Suddhasattwa!

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