Interview of Pathik Guha

pathik guha

পালকির সঙ্গে সাক্ষাৎকারে সুবিদিত বিজ্ঞান-লেখক পথিক গুহ।

Interview of Pathik Guha, the well-known science writer.


22 thoughts on “Interview of Pathik Guha

  1. ekhono anandamela elei prothomei onar lekha khuji.

    Bijyan o projuktir lekha k kibhabe akarshoniyo kore lekha jai ete onar kono tulona nei.
    Amar bibhinno projukti te utshaher karon gulir modhye ektu uni o

    (banglai likhte parchhina unicode nichhena bole)

  2. i’m a big fan of his writings…..whether it’s on knowhow, anadabazar , or pujabarsiki anandamela….i thoroughly read all his interesting articles……anyway thanks for this great interview….hope we’ll get more.

  3. From his analytical and informative articles in Anandamela and The Telegraph Knowhow, Mr Pathik Guha became my favorite science writer since schooldays.
    I agree to Pathik babu on his remarks on today’s Indian Society and Media, the cause and effects are also related the society itself, however it’s my pleasure to meet such an exceptional and tough character. Thanks to Kaustubh.

    Abhik Das
    Dubai, UAE

  4. It’s a good initiative to interview this nice personality. As a Science reporter, he has a good grasp over the subject matter to narrate things sequentially that can motivate a curious mind. As a contemporary writer I cant remember any.

    However, I have a few complains. First is about the subject matter he choses. His physics articles are concentrated mostly to the high or very high energy branch (e.g. string theory or neutrino physics). The dramatic development of these big part of physics in the past century can’t be overlooked, but mostly it’s dependence and assurance to the low energy limit is forgotten or underestimated in the modern era. It would be great to see writings that bridges the connection of pure mathematics to the low energy problems as well as the high. Historically, these two branches compensated each other while borrowing the invented mathematical tools, while the high energy branch got more attention due to its very non-obvious & fascinating postulates. This is certainly not good for those, who fail to appreciate the beauty of science & the historical inventions by making eccentric ideology at an early stage of learning.

    Another is about his public performances. As far I remember, he was in a discussion about the study made by Ramkrishnan to win the Nobel prize in 09, it was highlighted probably in star ananda. He should make more public appearances to make things clear, that science is not only a romantic dream and worshipping big names but it’s a way of life, much real, natural and enjoyable as it could be.

    I hope for the best.

  5. khub bhalo laglo Pathik babur sammondhe jene…onar chhobi dekhar ichha chhilo ekta puran holo. Ami chhoto bela theke-i onar lekhar bhokto….11 years chakri kore-o onar lekha porar ichha ta strong theke gechhe amar

  6. pathik ji is a nice personality.His articles are very interesting & easy to grasp.we need more articles in anandabazar/ builds our minds more curious & enthusiastic.thanks a lot to palki to bring this valuable conversation

  7. pathik guha’r interview’ta pore khub bhalo laglo. lagari katha. je manush’ta’r bigyan bhittik lekha anandabazar’r ekta sampad, tar samporke eto bistarito bhabe jante pere bhalo lagar’i katha.
    kintu ekti bishesh barta dite chai, jini sakkhatkar’ti niyechen , take. kaustabhda, beyond-journalism’r student hoyeo jodi ei level e likhte thako, amra, jara journalist hote cholechi, tader je vat mara jabe. ektu bhebe dekho.

  8. Ami Shri Pathik Guho mahasoyer lekha podte khub bhalobasi, ki sundor bhabe uni bisoybostu ta bujhuye den, onar sob lekha ki bhabe paoa jete pare? onar lekha guli jogar korte parle aami nijeke somridho mone korbo.

  9. Pathik Guha is not only a very good science writer, also is a very good teacher, who creates the thrust of knowledge in the students. The basic knowledge of science which is not clear to many students, he pushed me a lot to know about the basic of the science before getting analysed by the marks of the exams. He truly helped me a
    lot to be a student of science, & to know about the basic.

    His science writing is truly one of best & advances all towards the significance of science,

  10. E rokom soja kotha aajkaal aar keu bole naa. Tai interview-ta porre chomotkreeto holum. Bigyaan-sombondhe lekha-o sahitya porjaye porre, kintu pathaka-ra (sadharan pathak) mathay taa ashe naa. Ei sob kotha Pathik-babu sunndor vabe tuley dhorechhen. Dhonyobaad.

  11. Thank u very much. Ami anek din dharei Pothik babu sambandhe jante interested chilum..Aaj ta pere darun lagche.. Onar eto lekha porechi amar mone hay uni nijeo hayto besh valo ek jan scientist hote parten..

  12. he is one of the reasons why i am into scientific research today…….inspiration comes in many forms….from parents, teachers , peers and from peolple like him whom you don’t even know

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  14. really interesting onar lekha gulo.ajke anandabazare onar lekhha porlam math niye.ami aro kicu jante cai.kothay pabo?

  15. Hi,
    Ami ekhon bus e jete jete mobile web e ei page ta porchhi. Main interview ta mobile e access korte parchhi na. I’ll certainly get to it later. Anyway, ekta comment diye rakhi apatoto to show my sincerest respect towards this person….
    Amio Pathik Guha- lekha r besh boro bhokto.
    Mone mone manbo, ebong proyojon hole prokashye swikar korbo je ebar sotyi amra Bangali ra jaat hisebe unnoti korte shuru korechhe, jei din dekhbo- Ananda Bajar e Pathik Guha r saptahik column chalu hoyechhe ebong loke seta mon diye porchhen o bote.
    Biyer saj goj, pimple saranor tips, mandarmoni ghurte jaowa – dhus, dhus, ei sob porar e jogyo noy – Sorkar mohashoy sunchhen?
    Amader deshe Guttengan University hoy na, oto eb Rabindra Bharati te distance education ‘moder gorob moder asha’.
    Prothomo creative chinta korar moto lok nei, dwitiwoto creative chinta korar moto lok paowa gele take appreciate korar moto lok nei (criticise korar moto lok PROCHUR). Ebong etai bastob.
    Anyway, thanks for the interview. 🙂

  16. chhotobelay pathik guha amar khub pochonder lekhok chhilen. uni thik i bolechhen, ajkal onar lekhaguloy thik sei swad pai na. tobuo to uni niyomito likhe cholechhen – banglay science niye lekhalikhi ar kojon i ba koren.

  17. Haan Besh Koyek Baar Interview ta porlam. Aar Ekta Info Diye Rakhi- Apnader Ei Site Ta Te WOT (Firsfox addon) Warning dichche- This site has a poor reputation!
    Interview ta poraro pore first comment tar kichhu ta re-edit korte parle bhalo hoto, tobe pessimist and cycnic tone ta je ebaro chharte parbo na, seta nischit!

  18. I would purchase the big ‘puja sankha’ during my student life only to swallow Pathik Guha’s thrilling article, which was far better than the so called science-fiction….He is still my favourite writer; however, I am keen to get all his essays in a book which I looked for in numerous book-stores, but failed…….I’m glad to know that Pathik Guha has origin in Greater Faridpur District of Bangladesh, which is also my birth-place and my home district. However, I’m shocked that Pathik Guha’s parents had to leave this country in the darkness of night. I don’t know the reason, but can easily guess. I beg pardon to Pathik Guha. Love and respect for my favorite author who reshaped my world of thinking and understanding…………

  19. palki k osonkhyo dhonyobad..
    onar lekha pore j akorshon toiry hoy, onake jene ta digun bere gelo.. onar madhyomei amar bigyaner sathe prothom bondhutto.. sei bondhutto akhono okhunno, tai amr jibone uni ekti bises manus.. onek onek shuvechha roilo palkir jonyo

  20. pathik babu’r sakhhatkar ti pare asadharan laglo.Aj obdhi ananda bazar patrika e onar joto lekha berieche ami parechi r mugdhho hoe gechi.Science ke amra jara kono ek due graher bishoy vebe dure sarie rakhte pachanda kari,onar lekha sie bigyan ke amader gharen alochanar jonno nie ase.onar lekha biggan er ati durbodhho tatto gulo ke saral kare dei ekatha jemon thik temoni onar lekha pare moner majhe bishal dander srishti hoi.ek muhurte mone hoi is jadi ami math nie partam abar parer muhurte mone hoi keno ami physics nie parlam na. biggan er moto ek kathin bishoy ke eto saral kare lekhar dakhhata amar mote kono bigganir theke kom noi.ekti article e uni likhechen wattson er bai samparke,”gene,girls and gammo”.amar anurodh onar kache ei dharner besh kichu science ebong scientist der nie kichu bai likhun.Amra onar pathakera apekkha kare achi prachana bhave.

  21. amar onar sathe prothom alap malda book fair a. uni god and SCIENCE ai bishoy nie alochona korechilen. onar protiti shobdo science r proti jothesto daiboddho. SCIENCE AND LITERATURE j somarthok ta onar lekha porle ba speech sunle bojha jai.SCIENCE AND LITERATURE R GUT THEORY ba GRAND UNIFICATION THEORY INDIA te Mr PATHIK GUHA I somvob kore tulechhen. onar sathe ami akmot j SCIENCE nie college a gie porlei sudhu hoi na. SCIENCE r proti commitment thaka chai. j t-20 khela dekhar jonno amra matha kute mori tar pechhoneo j koto science lukie achhe ta nie amra koibar chinta kori???????? asole short time r enjoyment r jonno amra dunia bodolkari kono jinis k phele diteo raji.

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