Translating Rabindranath – Poem by Arunava Mukherjea

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Translating Rabindranath


Arunava Mukherjea


Translating Rabindranath Tagore: “ধায় যেন মোর সকল ভালবাসা”

This Tagore song doesn’t seem to be as well-known as many many other Tagore songs that we often hear. But this is a beautiful song. Though this translation may not reflect the song’s original intent completely, our second generation Bengali children will know from this translation most of what Tagore wanted to say here.


Let all my love flow towards you, lord,
and my hopes within reach your ears!

Let my heart, wherever it may be,
always answer your call;
and let my chains of bondage break off, lord,
as I slowly drift towards you.

I must now empty my beggar’s plate
that others have filled,
I am already blessed
with so many secret gifts from you;
and my dear friend, my confidante,
let all that was beautiful in this life, lord,
come alive again as I sing for you!


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