Oyster life – Poem by Sudipta Biswas

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Oyster life


Sudipta Biswas


Now, in this beautiful world
We’ll spend an oyster-life.

I’ll hover throughout the night
Keeping my palm on your palm.
Giving up all calculations
With leaf and with star
We’ll spend an oyster-life.

Pearl like white foam will condense.
Bright day will come out from the mist
Suddenly, getting a single penny or two
Poor children will present us a bright smile.
Now we’ll spend a bright oyster-life.

In the clear sky of the mountain
Very bright stars will come out.
Not with flowers
But by collecting leaves from the ground
We’ll pray to the jungle-goddess.
Thus we’ll spend a sacred oyster-life.

A red rose blooming in the garden
Other trees, clapping their leaves,
Congratulating her. Now please come,
we’ll spend a rosy oyster-life.

If anybody recognizes us
I’ll present them a flower from my poetry books.
Oh! Look at the sun-yolk in the eastern sky.
With the sacred Gayatri-mantra
Now, let us spend a holy oyster-life.

This winter, not with any poppy leaf or rose
I’ll hibernate with you, only with you, butterfly.
Now, let us spend a drowsy oyster-life.

Two lives will unite into one
In the tranquil moonlit night
We’ll fly in the sky, where
The moon and cloud will fight.

Let a bird build her nest
Let a bee build a hive
Let us dissolve all disputes
Let us spend an oyster-life.


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