Palki 7 award announcement

Palki 7 awards

Congratulations to the winners!

Finally, we are in a position to announce the winners for Palki 7. Server problems and other unforeseen circumstances forced us to initially release the awards by email, but thankfully, we can now announce it on our website. We are grateful to our judges, all busy professionals in their own fields – Piyas Chakraborty and Jyotishka Datta – for meticulously evaluating the submissions in Palki 7 and help us celebrate the excellence of our winners. Piyas is a statistician now pursuing a doctoral degree, and a literature aficionado. Jyotishka is by profession a science researcher, but deeply involved in the sphere of literature and drama. We thank them for their precious time.

Our readers, contributors, friends and well-wishers, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your participation in Palki, your love and support.

The winners are:

• 1st Prize: 1000 INR –

Aniruddha Sen for Tar Cheye and The Hero’s Wife

Palki 7 Certificate - Aniruddha - Prose
• 2nd Prize (Joint): 800 INR –

Barnali Saha for The Veiled Idol

Palki 7 Certificate - Barnali - Prose
• 2nd Prize (Joint): 800 INR –

Ratan Lal Basu for Blue Are the Far-off Mountains

Palki 7 Certificate - Ratan - Prose
• 1st Prize: 600 INR –

Ramit Dey for Poem Collections

Palki 7 Certificate - Ramit - Poem
• 2nd Prize (Joint): 500 INR –

Debasis Bannerjee for Poem Collections

Palki 7 Certificate - Debasis - Poem
• 2nd Prize (Joint): 500 INR –

Rajat Podder for Sedin Pagol Juddhe Gelo

Palki 7 Certificate - Rajat - Poem
• 1st Prize: 600 INR –

Abhiruk Lahiri for Light and Shadow

Palki 7 Certificate - Abhiruk - Photography
• 2nd Prize: 500 INR –

Buppaibabu for Boston’e Bastante

Palki 7 Certificate - Buppaibabu - Photography
• 1st Prize: 600 INR –

Prabal Deb for Drawings

Palki 7 Certificate - Prabal - Art

Please click on your certificate image to download a PDF document of the certificate that you can print.

How to receive awards?

There are two simple ways to receive the award from Palki.

  1. PayPal: If you don’t know about paypal, please visit and get an free account with them. You can easily attach your bank account with your paypal account. We prefer the paypal method. Easiest and most convenient, and often instantaneous.
  2. Bank Draft: We can also send you draft if you live in India. We need to have your correct address for this purpose (therefore, winners, please contact us ASAP).

If you are outside India, an equivalent of INR in dollars will be sent.

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