Shades of Rain-Prose by Sangita Kalarickal

Shades of Rain – Reminiscences by Sangita Kalarickal

6 thoughts on “Shades of Rain-Prose by Sangita Kalarickal

  1. Author writes about rain and romance. But in the end she shies away from connecting both from heart. Let it go and do appropriate.

    When I read about Mumbai’s rain, my feeling evoked the playing Nargolio in the Azad Maidan in my teen years some 50 years ago. Of course like author, I do not have ability to write beautiful prose.

  2. The mumbai rains and the associated chaos came alive in this narrative , cool rains hot tea and hot vada pavs …. bliss . Enjoyed the article very much .

  3. I enjoyed this prose piece. Great description of Mumbai. I have only been there once, but this piece brought back memories. I to enjoyed the line about sardines having more room in a can than people in a Mumbai bus. I did not take a bus while in Mumbai, but I did take a commuter train in off-peak times and that was still hectic.

  4. Lovely piece. “The double-rainbow extends from horizon to horizon like a bridge…” – what an ending! Classic Sangita.

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