Submissions 2012

Submission for Palki 13 is now open.

Palki 13 – release date to be announced later.

Last Date of Submission: March 15, 2012

Once again, Palki 13 will be a general issue. We encourage our new and old contributors to make submissions on any topic within the scope of our general guidelines (below).

Palki 13 submission guidelines:

Email address to send your contributions to Palki at:
email for sending submissions


Please put your subject line in email as For Palki 13’.

What to submit?

  1. Your submission (story/ article/ poems/ recipe/ paintings/ travelogue/ photo-essay/ photographs/ audio, et cetera).
  2. Your one, recent photograph (for the collective author list). Please indicate if we already have your photograph from previous issues.
  3. A small write-up of maximum 3-4 lines about yourself (author bio to be published with the submission).
  4. An alternate point of contact (another email ID that you check regularly) – exclusively for editorial use – where you can be reached in case of any urgent pre-publication situation.

Note: We may NOT consider your article for Palki if any of the above mentioned items are missing from your submission.

Stipulations for submission

1. All contributions go through a preliminary screening process. Prior to screening, we usually send the author a formatted draft of the submission for correction/ acceptance of editorial changes.

  1. NOTE: The formatted draft does NOT indicate acceptance of the submission, which will be decided by the content selection committee.
  2. NOTE: A submission under consideration for publication or published cannot be withdrawn, except at editorial discretion.
  3. NOTE: Submissions not qualifying the screening process would be released to the author without further obligation or recourse/discussion.

2. Language: If you write in English, we ask you to:

  1. Use (a) Microsoft Word, or (b) an acceptable alternative, such as OpenOffice or StarOffice, to create a file in the .doc or .docx or .rtf or .txt format.
  2. Restrict your write-up to a maximum of 10 A4 or US letter size pages, with a margin of minimum 1 inch on all sides, and use Times New Roman (or a similar serif font) or Arial font (or a similar sans serif font) at minimum size 14.

If you write in Bangla, we ask you to:

  1. Use a Bangla writing software such as Avro (, recommended), Lekho ( or Ekushey (, along with a Unicode compliant Bangla font such as Vrinda (comes natively with the Vista Operating System), Soleimanlipi or Bangla (recommended), or Siyam Rupali (works with MacOSX). We are happy to announce that we can now use .bwd files created with the Banglaword software. We also cannot use files created with Shabdik because of compatibility issues.
  2. Restrict your write up to a maximum of 15 A4 or US letter size pages, with a font size of 16, and a margin of 1 inch on all sides.

Limited support is available from us in case you run into problems getting these softwares and/or fonts, or if you have any kind of formatting questions. Email us the question, if you need help.

The submitted files should be editable, e.g. the .doc or .txt formats. Pdf files are not editable and hence not accepted.

3. We do accept a few handwritten write-ups from India under extenuating circumstances, but we actively discourage this practice. If you are absolutely unable to provide your write-up in an electronic format, kindly contact our editor at the email address given above, and we shall try our best to help (though we cannot offer a guarantee of any kind).

4. While we encourage write-ups on any topic that encourages discussion, promotes awareness, speaks to logic and reason, talks about experiences, or are just plain fun to read, we shy away from write-ups that are highly political and/or religious. If you wish to submit a write-up on any topic of the latter kind, kindly contact our editor beforehand in order to discuss its suitability for our e-magazine. We are also not looking for scholarly treatises of high erudition that are more suitable to be published in a trade (professional) journal, although concise, informative articles about contemporary issues are welcome.

Special requirements for Photograph and Art submissions:

  1. Due to operational constraints, we are imposing a limit on the number of visual submissions (photography and artwork). If they are submitted to be considered in isolation, please submit a maximum of 5 pieces. If, however, the photographs are being submitted as a series on a given theme, we can accept a maximum of 7 photographs at the discretion of the Editors.
  2. Please submit photographs and artwork at a reasonable resolution (minimum 300 dpi for color and 1200 dpi for line art), preferably in the PNG, TIFF or BMP format; JPEGs are acceptable if the compression does not compromise the image quality. The only exception is images submitted unmodified from megapixel digital cameras (large image size, 72 dpi).
  3. Please do not modify your photographs to create special effects, beyond the minimum brightness, contrast, and/or color level adjustment. If you wish, you can put an unobtrusive logo or monogram or signature at one corner. Please contact the editors if you’d like the photographs to be modified in any specific way.

Copyright Questions and Policies:

  1. Any submission to Palki for consideration must be an original, previously-unpublished material, not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The said material may not be submitted elsewhere as long as the material is under consideration for Palki.
    1. Material appearing in personal websites or weblogs submitted by the original author may be acceptable; please contact the editors prior to submission.
  2. If a submission is accepted for publication in Palki, it is to be understood that you, the author, retain the copyright of the submission, and assign permanent publishing rights to Palki. This indicates that (a) Palki reserves the right to republish the submission in future, and (b) for any future publication under the author’s knowledge and consent, prior intimation to Palki, as well as acknowledgment of prior publication of the said piece in Palki, is required. This is necessary to preserve the intellectual property right of the author, as well as to safeguard Palki’s publishing interests.
  3. If a submission contains translation, and/or use, of copyrighted materials, you, the author, are responsible for obtaining the appropriate permissions.

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